Membership in the Ohio Lodge of Research is open to all Master Masons, lodges and other bodies of Masonic research.  The initial membership fee is $12.50 and annual dues of $12.50 (Increased at January 23, 2016 Actives meeting). At the May, 2017 meeting, a life membership was created by paying a one-time fee of $50 or after four payments of $12.50.
Membership application.

You may now pay your new member fees using your existing PayPal account or via PayPal using your credit card. You must still complete and submit the application found at the link above.

Your Name, Complete Address
Lodge Name, Number, Location

>Use this payment section to purchase a new associate membership along with life membership in OLR. (Waived application fee with four years dues of $12.50 or $50 paid once.) Please be sure to complete and snail mail or email the completed member application from the link above.

Full Name, Address
Lodge Name, Number, Location

Existing members may purchase a life membership by making the one-time payment of $50 using the “Buy Now” button below.

Member Name, Complete Address
Lodge Name, Number, Location

Categories of membership are:

Associate – Non-voting, general membership – Must be a  Master Mason in good standing of a regular Lodge that is recognized by the (our) Grand Lodge.  Can hold appointive office and receive publications.

Active – Voting, elected membership open to Associate members who must submit one or more papers to the Lodge to be presented. (A specimen of your research work.) Then you must be proposed by an Active Member for Active Membership. The Actives vote on all such proposals at the annual meeting of OLR in May.

Subscribing – It is a Lodge which pays to receive the OLR publications.

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