September 2013 Meeting – Albany

27 August 2013
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The Ohio Lodge of Research will meet at Albany Lodge on Saturday, September 21st at 3 PM.

Albany Lodge No. 723 is located in Athens County in southeastern Ohio. It was chartered in 1949.
The village of Albany is located on US 50 between McArthur and Athens. It was founded in 1842 as a station on the Underground Railroad. It has a Paw Paw Festival in September. Don’t confuse it with New Albany which is northeast of Columbus. Look for Township Road 1270 east of Albany and turn south. The Alexander Local Schools Complex is located at the same exit.
The lodge is located on the east side of the road. A GPS might help. It is three hours from my home.

Albany is the home lodge of Dr. Ivan M. Tribe WM of Ohio Lodge of Research. He is a native of Albany
and an Emeritus Professor of History at Rio Grande University where he has 37 years of service. He has
degrees from Ohio University and Toledo University. Dr. Tribe has published more than 200 articles on rural Ohio, coal mining and country music. He and his wife Deanna have a house full of more records than I have ever seen anywhere else outside a music store. Beside his educational duties Dr. Tribe has served as mayor of Albany. He is a Knight of the York Cross of Honor, a Knight Commander of the Temple and a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason.

Some of our senior members may recall that Rio Grande was the alma mater of Bevo Francis who was famous for scoring more than 100 points a game in high school and college basketball contests.

Actives and members will meet at 2 PM. I am informed that light refreshments will follow. Please try to attend if possible.

Norman G. Lincoln, Secretary

Lancaster Annual Meeting – 05/18/2013

16 May 2013
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We have just been contacted by our hosts for the May 18 meeting. It seems that
through a calendar error, the temple has been rented for that day. Therefore it
will not be possible to open a Lodge of Master Masons.
However, the meeting of the Active Members need not be held in a consecrated
facility. The Actives will meet according to the meeting notice at St John’s
Episcopal Church, 134 N Broad St Lancaster, OH. (that is two blocks north of the
temple and one block west).
Active Members are expected as this is the Annual Meeting.
Associate Members need not attend.

Byorder of W.B. Bill Fannin, Master

The Monroe Meeting

3 January 2013
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The Monroe Meeting

The January 2013 meeting of the Ohio Lodge of Research will be held at High Point Lodge No. 773
in Monroe, Ohio on Saturday, January 26.  A Lodge of Master Masons will be opened at 3 PM by the officers of High Point Lodge. The business of the Lodge of Research will then be conducted.
Officers and members of Ohio Lodge of Research will hold a preliminary meeting at 1:30.
Refreshments will follow the meeting.
High Point Lodge is located at 225 Britton Lane in Monroe. It is reached via I-75. Take exit 29 and travel west on Hamilton/Lebanon Road (OH 63). Turn right (north) on Britton Lane. The Temple is a one story brick building on the east side of the street. From I-71 take exit 32 to OH 123 to OH 63.
High Point Lodge was chartered Oct. 23, 1971 making it the eighth Lodge in Butler County. Its Lodge rooms are shared with the Odd Fellows.
The Caledonia Meeting
The Ohio Lodge of Research met at Caledonia Sep. 15th in the Hall of Oliver Lodge No. 447.
The Treasurer rported transferring funds from checking to a cd changing our account to a new bank.
Per diem payments for officers’ atendance was approved and Secretary’s expenses were paid. Officers not present at the previous meeting were installed.  An informal seminar at Grand Lodge was approved.
Reprinting of out of print Proceedings was approved. Vol 26 is now out of print.
Oliver Lodge was then opened and WM Fannin accepted the gavel to preside over the Lodge. Eight
members of the Ohio Lodge of Research were introduced. Pat King presented a paper on the Odd Fellows giving their history, philosophy and curent status. Brother Shandy from India then explained
the working of his Grand Lodge. Oliver Lodge was placed on our mailing list, The lodge was then closed and the brethren retired to the dining room for refreshments.
Norman G. Lincoln
PO Box 454
OH 45320

NOTE: If you have already paid ahead do not mail 2013 dues. NGL

September Meeting 2012

4 September 2012
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See note at end of message:
                                                  Ohio Lodge of Research
                                               Chartered October 16, 1965
                                                        September, 2012
                                                 The Caledonia Meeting
     The next meeting of the Ohio Lodge of Research will be held at Oliver Lodge No. 447 in Caledonia on Saturday, September 15th at 3 PM. Caledonia is in Marion County on Ohio Route 309 which can be accessed from US 23 bypass. The lodge is located at 116 ½ Main Street on the NE corner of the town square. From north and east pick up 309 in Mansfield.
    Oliver Lodge was chartered Oct. 18, 1870. Since the lodge does not have a website, who it was named after is a secret! Was it Oliver Ellsworth Supreme Court Justice and Mason or George Oliver English clergyman and Masonic writer? Or maybe James Oliver who invented a steel plow or poet Oliver Goldsmith or General Oliver Howard or Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry? Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens? We may never know.
     The Internet gave me some lodge members: Linneaus Russell President of the Board of Education, Stockholder of the Farmers Bank, Republican, Quaker;  Simeon Rice Sheriff 1892-96, Democrat; William M. Williams Vice President Adelaide Brick and Tile Co, Democrat. Then we have Mark Melroy, Scoutmaster, Legionnaire, bagpiper, mortician. Future President Warren G. Harding lived in Caledonia while working as a reporter.
                                                The Neoacacia Meeting
    This took place in Columbus May 19, 2012. A Lodge of Master Masons was opened.
WB Wallace McCartney and the officers of the Lodge of Research took their places. The Actives meeting was summarized. The Audit Report was approved. A proposal to pay mileage will be considered. Paper procedures may be reviewed. Tim Daley was elected an active. The 2011 budget was continued for 2012. Quarry Chips will be published in the fall. The January meeting may be studied for change. A new slate of officers was approved.
     Announcement was made by Chad Simpson of a symposium on Masonry in the Civil War held on Johnson’s Island. He also explained some of the procedures used by Neoacacia Lodge. On motion by Pat King Acacia Lodge was extended subscribing membership for one year. He also gave a short talk on “moon lodges”, gloves and unusual working tools. The officers present Bill Fannin, Chad Simpson JW, Jeff Slattery Treas, Norman Lincoln Secy and Pat King SD were installed by WB Don Reece. WB McCartney was presented a Past Master’s Apron by WB King. The meeting was then closed. Present: seven. Absent: Ivan Tribe SW, Tim Daley JW.
    Note: The Secretary’s records indicate 92 members who have not yet paid $7.50 dues for 2012. You are one of them. Please forward dues to: Norman G. Lincoln
                                                  PO Box 454, Eaton OH 45320

The Columbus/Annual Meeting – 05/19/2012

30 March 2012
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The Columbus/Annual Meeting 2012
The Ohio Lodge of Research will meet at Neoacacia Lodge No. 595, 5885 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus,Ohio43229  on Saturday May 19, 2012.
Officers and members will meet at 1:30 PM for business and reports.
A lodge of Master Masons will be opened at 3 PM.
Refreshments will follow.
Neoacacia is located in northeast Columbus on Cleveland Avenue/US Route 3 about halfway between the north outerbelt I 270 and State Route 161 and approximately across from Young’s Grove Drive.

January 28, 2012 Meeting – Medina

14 January 2012
The Medina Meeting
The Ohio Lodge of Research will meet at Medina Lodge No. 58, 120 North Elmwood Avenue, Medina,Ohio on Saturday Jan. 28, 2012.
Officers and members will meet at 2 PM for business and reports.
A lodge of Master Masons will be opened at 3 PM.
Refreshments will follow.
Medina is located in northeast Ohio at the junction of US 42 andOhio18. Take I-71 to Exit 209 E.. Go two miles on I-76 to the Ohio3 exit. Go north 7 ½ miles toOhio18 (East Liberty St) and turn left. Proceed past Court St and turn right on Elmwood Ave. The Lodge is in the first block on the right.
Medina Masons
Medina was founded in 1818 and a Masonic lodge was chartered two years later. Unfortunately this lodge went dark during the Morgan era of 1828-1843. In 1849 somebody stole the new charter, and it had to be replaced.
A lodge member was involved in politics. Fremont Orestes Phillips was born March 15, 1856. He graduated from Kenyon College and studied law. He was elected mayor of Medina in 1896 and served four years. In 1892 he was elected Probate Judge and served five years. In 1899 he was elected to Congress as a Republican. He was not re-elected. In 1905-1906 he was Worshipful Master. He died Feb. 21, 1936.
Medina Chapter No. 30 was chartered in 1846. Charles E. Canfield served as Grand High Priest in 1970. Medina Chapter merged with Wadsworth Chapter No. 243 in 2000.
James W. Himmelright who lives inMedina served as Grand High Priest in 2010.
Medina Commandery No. 84 was chartered in 1967. David M. Snyder, Sr. served as Grand Commander in 2005.
Past Proceedings of most volumes of the Ohio Lodge of Research are available if you would like to add to your collection. Please advise the Secretary of your needs. The price is reasonable for interesting papers on Masonic history, biography and symbolism.
If you are not receiving notices from the Ohio Lodge of Research by Email, please let the Secretary know if you would like this convenience.
Dues for 2012 are now payable. If you have not paid ahead, please remit $7.50 at your earliest convenience to the Secretary: Norman G. Lincoln 
                                                             P. O. Box454
NOTE: Previous Proceedings are available if you need them.        

The Sardinia Meeting – September 17, 2011

14 January 2012
The SardiniaMeeting      
The Ohio Lodge of Research met at Sardinia Lodge No. 254 on Sep. 17, 2011. Eight Officers and members met for a business session. Bills were paid. Amendments to the By-Laws were referred to the Jurisprudence Committee. Twenty Past Masters aprons were ordered. One new member was approved. Two papers were read. The WM discussed establishing a High Twelve Club inEngland.
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